Stylish Rain Gear

April Showers...

April showers bring May flowers... or, you know, so the saying goes.

We're only a few days into the month, and we've already seen some seriously wet weather. And the 10-day forecast? Well, it calls for rain. Lots of it. Bucket loads.

Ugh. After a brutal winter, I'm ready for sunshine and blue skies, but I get that all these showers are an essential ingredient to making spring so colorful, bright, and picture perfect. At least we can brighten up those cloudy afternoons with some chic rainy day essentials. Am I right?

Fashionable and functional—those are two equally important adjectives when shopping for foul-weather gear. A sleek slicker, slim boots that can pass with any outfit, a sturdy and stylish one-button umbrella, a waterproof hat to protect that beloved blowout, and even a designated poncho for your expensive handbag (I mean, you don't want to ruin that distressed leather!). There's some evidence that wearing polarized shades in the rain will help you see better whilst driving—though not everyone backs up this theory, but an oversize pair of Tory Burch sunnies are never a bad choice! A rainbow phone case will brighten spirits and some waterproof mascara will hep you face the day regardless of what the weatherman says.

These pieces will keep you dry and keep you looking good until May's blooms finally arrives...

Functional & Fashionable
  1. Eric Javits Kaya Rain Hat, $200/ 2. Halifax Color-Block Rain Jacket, $118/ 3. Handbag Raincoat, $25 / 4. Tory Burch 54 mm Polarized Sunglasses, $154 / 5. Shedrain WindPro Auto Open & Close Umbrella, $28/ 6. Kate Spade "Rain Check" Umbrella, $38 / 7. Posh Wellies Kyanite Rain Boot, $99/ 8. Stella McCartney Rainbow iPhone 6/6s Case, $85

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