Warm and Chic for Winter: Stylish Puffer Jackets

vince puffer

I went to college in Syracuse. The snow was ample, the wind was biting, and the winters were cold, bitter, and brutal. (Seriously though, Go Cuse!) Walking to class on a January day required thermal underwear, sweaters, hats, earmuffs, fleece pullovers, and a jacket so bulky even the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man couldn’t compete. (It was actually more like wadding to class.) Of course, despite a puffy appearance, you still wanted to look “cute” in case your lecture-hall crush just so happened to make eye contact across campus (because, you know, the rest of your respective faces were covered in masks and scarves and gear).

Suffice to say, I’m an expert at picking the right winter jacket—one that offers equal parts function and fashion; warmth and style; protection and polish. One that’s appropriate for pre-school drop off (because my college days are long gone!) and one that amps up the heat and brings on the haute!

leather accents
warmer for winter

Unexpected pops of color and (faux) fur touches are always fun. But, this season, my favorite way to up the coolness factor is with leather accents. This Vince down jacket (scored at a sample sale by my sister, and claimed for permanent ownership by me) is my current cold-weather obsession.I love how the off-white body contrasts with the stark black sleeves. The inner lining is warm, fuzzy, and furry so it's super cozy, but also incredibly chic.

  1. LaMarque Oversize Down Coat with Leather Trim, $320/ 2. Rudsak Mixed Media Parker With Fur-Trim Hoodie, $670/ 3. Moncler Orophin Long Puffer With Leather Trim, $1660/4. Rudsak Leather Trim Down Puffer Coat, $440/ 5. Blank NYC Puffer Jacket With Faux Leather Sleeves, $118/ 6. LaMarque Asymmetrical Down Coat With Leather Trim, $330

I've rounded up a few other fabulous puffers that feature leather or faux leather touches: sleeves, zipper tassels, shoulder pads, and more. These six styles (bonus: some are on sale!) will keep you toasty and trendy all winter long.

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