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Monday Mingle: Styling Tips for Jeans

spring stitchfix

My latest Stitchfix delivery came in. The theme seemed to be: Styling Tips for Jeans. The delivery started with a pair of light denim jeans. I liked the color and the distressing. I picked the best of the bunch to make an outfit, but I"m going to tell you, I suspended my "fix" I haven't been dazzled. Plus, I think it was making me buy things I don't really need. I'm fussy about how much stuff I put into my closet.

mom style denim jeans

To complete the look, they tossed in some cute tops and a tassel necklace. I opted to photograph this great top--it's pink and deep purple snake print. It was a nice bright print with a silky finish. I popped on a tassel necklace that I owned rather than the one they picked.

I am feeling like most of the things they send I already own. That's when you know it's time to end the shopping relationship. Don't you agree?

snakeskin top

But back to the outfit. Tassels are all the rage. And I like the new long length. I did a little front tuck on the top and left the back out. Since it was cool, I reached for my Furry Jacket from cabi. My other accessory was an old Michael Kors bag.

isola boots

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To finish the outfit, I pulled on these Isola Heels, I felt fancy! The Brinley might be tall for everyday, but for dressing up denim a bit they are great. Wear cute shoes--that seems to be my #1 styling tips for jeans.

It was a fun day of shooting with my friend Kim-Marie from We found this great bench in front of the Vinegar Hill House my favorite local restaurant in Brooklyn. The restaurant is tucked into a quiet street and serves the most delicious seasonal fare.

luxury travel mom

I love shooting outdoors in Brooklyn, I'm so lucky to have this backdrop just a walk away from my house. There are so many perfect spots to look at fashion freshly. Have you been getting outdoors to shoot your fashions?

I can't wait to see what you've been wearing! Don't forget to tell me which subscription boxes you're loving or if you've given up on them.

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