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Sharing my #StriVeStory

my #StriVeStory

Aging can be about as much fun as stubbing your toe. Or it can be a chance to bask in the experiences you've gained along the way. Most of the time I tend to view aging in a positive light. I'm so proud of the family I have at age 43, the friendships I've maintained and the business I've built.

But then there's the aging part. I still feel like I'm 33 (for some reason I felt 33 even when I was 23). I have the energy of the 33 year old. Do I look 33? Nope. But I do look like the best version of 43 I can be. Keeping my skin in that zone requires a bit of attention. As a blogger, I get to try all sorts of new beauty products and regimens.

I had my girls later in life, so I feel an extra pressure to stay energized and young for them. I want them to get the best version of me I can be. And that includes going to Demi Lovato concerts and acting like I'm 13! That's where these photos were taken last week. And yes, I did belt out the lyrics to many of the songs!


I want my girls to know that 40 can be beautiful. I take care of myself by nurturing my body by eating well and exercising, and I take care of my skin by using great skincare products. That's why when I got the chance to test what was new from StriVectin®, the leader in clinically-proven treatments for healthy, ageless skin, I said yes.

I've heard so many stories of women getting their best skin ever from StriVectin that I had to take the plunge. The latest product is called StriVectin SD Advanced™ Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks. Sounds perfect for moms doesn't it!

momtrends approved skincare

This version of StriVectin offers a breakthrough new formula that includes the most potent combination of anti-aging technologies to date. In the five weeks I've been using the cream I've noticed remarkable results. According to the lab tests, I'm not alone. Many women saw visible skin changes in just 15 days.

What's the secret? StriVectin uses a proprietary formula called the NIA-114® and Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex™. The lotion is designed to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin to help boost collagen (Types I and III) and significantly diminish the number, length and depth of fine lines and wrinkles.

First let's talk about the magic of collagen. Look at your young kids. Admire the smooth perfect skin. This is Collagen Type III. It is most abundant at birth and is often thought to be the source of baby soft skin. The bad news is this collagen decreases with age. StriVectin scientists recognized that they needed to replicate Collagen Type III to get aging skin looking fabulous.

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StriVectin has figured out how to encourage the production of Collagen Type I and Collagen Type III. Here's what happens: The more I use the product, the better the results. The magic of collagen production. StriVectin gives my skin the boost it needs to be its best. I fuel my body to give me the best performance to live my busy life, I look at StriVectin the same way. This lotion has helped my skin improve by generating healthier skin cells from the inside out.

My #StriVeSTORY is one of getting better and wiser with every year. I am coming to terms with making the 40s my best decade yet. I've got two kind, smart and silly girls that can see me aging gracefully. They don't see me frowning in the mirror or bemoaning my age. I'm showing them my best version of myself at 40.

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And there's lots to be proud of. In addition to my family, I've seen my business grow to employ seven full-time members of the Momtrends team. I've built a million-dollar business that values and promotes women. I give back to my community and share my successes with others. It's not all work! This is also the decade when I've run my fastest 5-mile run of my life, breaking the 8-minute mile barrier. With all the accomplishments behind me I don't think I'm done yet. There's still lots more I want to do. StriVectin gives me the confidence to keep on dreaming big.

Have you got your own #StriVeSTORY? You can share it with the world by linking up to StriVectin on Twitter, Facebook Instagram with the hashtag #StriVeSTORY. Visit the StriVectin #StriVeSTORY hub here to learn all about what people are saying about the products across all your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Here's what other women are saying on YouTube:

Try it with this special offer. You can try the new SD Advanced and take advantage of a special gift-with-purchase offer. You'll get a free cosmetic bag and a 0.35 oz. deluxe sample of SD Advanced when you purchase a 2 oz SD Advanced. Use Promo Code STRIVESTORY at checkout on and you will receive a special gift with purchase!

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 For more information, visit

This is a sponsored post. I'm working with StriVectin to share my #StriVeSTORY. As a brand ambassador, I am compensated to share my experience with the brand. All opinions remain my own and are unscripted. 

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