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How is your fitness resolution going? Now that you are three weeks into the year, you might need a little nudge of inspiration. We've been relying on a little virtual trainer--our Striiv digital pedometer--to keep us motivated.

We've talked about how easy it is to use, and about how fun it is to rack up the miles. But there's another aspect we want to share. Watching your workouts do some good in this world.

This handy device also helps busy moms give back. Carrying Striiv is like having a walkathon in your pocket '?? every step you take counts toward a charity. Striiv partners with GlobalGiving is a non-profit that connects donors with grassroots projects around the world to make a high impact. Here's how your steps to the market and the store and school can help the world:

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As the Striiv device counts your steps you earn donation points. At no cost to you, Striiv and corporate partners donate on your behalf. Just walk, earn, and plug into your PC to donate. It's that simple. You have the choice of 3 charities - providing clean water to families in South America, polio vaccines, and help save the rainforest. The more you walk, the more you give. I usually donate clean water, though I've been known to mix it up. I think they picked three great causes to start and I am sure the company will grow the options as the brand takes off.

And the reward you get for using Striiv personally (health, fitness, etc), but also for helping others. It's a win, win. You just pick your charity and start logging steps. Another reason NOT to hit the snooze button tomorrow morning. Your workout will not only make you look and feel better, it'll help someone in need. How's that for multitasking!

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