Stride Femme for Embarrassing Leaks

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Hmmm. Did that title get your attention? Motherhood can certainly be glamorous--Halle Barry, Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani sure make it look cool. But for those of us who've been through it, there are those side effects--like not being able to control your bladder. Yes, I sneezed a few times and suffered an embarrassing pee leek while 8 months pregnant. Isn't pregnancy full of fun surprises! Newsflash: A new brand call Stride is bringing style and support to women.

The complete STRIDE Femme line includes five stylish options - from a seamless panty to a lacy thong. Stride uses "oquos" technology to wicks away moisture 8x more effectively than cotton panties. It is designed to maintain its shape to improve body contact during normal activity (such as walking, running or sneezing) and will continue to provide comfort and protection for up to 100 washes. Plus, it'??s so discreet no one will know you'??re wearing it!

I'm not pregnant and thanks to my kegels have all the bladder issues under control, but I did test the sport bikini ($24.99) out and they are attractive and comfortable--there's even a lacy thong. Many of the styles are low-cut and will certainly work through pregnancy. So skip the liners and the leaks, buy a few of these little underthings and go back to being a mom with dignity and style.

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