Step into Fall with Pomagria and Mermelada Wines


Fall is quickly upon us. Although the temperatures will be dropping, you don't have to give up entertaining. For fall, we are excited to add some new wines to our home parties, and have been loving Mermelada, a sweet red blend from Spain, and pomagria, the first pomegranate-flavored sangria.

Produced by Aveníu Brands, both wines feature unique blends of fruit that creates a bold and rich taste to make fall entertaining effortless, affordable, and fun.

When testing out Mermelda, I loved this rich full-bodied wine that includes a combination of Tempranillo, Cabernet Savingon and Merlot that taste profile that was sweet and a bit acidic. As an estate bottle of wine from Segre, Spain the wine incorporates a focus on sustainability, precision and argiculture that has produced a very high-quality wine. This complex wine had many layers that tasted like plums, cherries, and even some pomegrantes that was really enjoyable after a long day. When entertaining (or enjoying the wine at home), they suggest pairing the wine with a strong cheese (like a blue), hamburgers, pizza or even dark chocolate.

Another interesting wine from Aveníu is pomagria, a unique sangria that is packed with antioxidants, intense flavor, and slight tartness. As a fan of pomegrante juice, I was excited to test out pomagria that I served at a recent BBQ. Featuring a gorgeous deep ruby-crimson color, I loved many layers of this wine that was sweet and tarty complete with accents from apples, oranges and of course pomegrantes. It can be served chilled or at room temperature, and I also added a wedge of orange to my cup that created a burst of vibrant flavors that can be accompanied with a spicy Mexican dishes or Spanish cuisine. Another bonus is that it is ready-to-serve, so no need to mix or stir. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy your company.

With the cooler temps coming most of us will be spending more time indoors, and with the delicious collection of wines from Aveníu Brands you can bring your party to your home complete with two unique wines that everyone will love.

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