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Steiff is the world's oldest and most exclusive brand of plush toys. Margarete Steiff founded the company in 1880. She started out as a seamstress--she created a pin cushion elephant and a company was born. In 1902 Richard Steiff created the first jointed bear in 1902. Inspired by a cartoon of Teddy Roosevelt hunting, the bear was named Teddy. A century later, the "button ear" toys have become collector's items. The quality remains the same: All Steiff plush animals are rigorously tested to ensure their freedom from harmful chemicals.

Last week I got tour of the newest items from Steiff at the NYC showroom. I don't have much of an interest in toys these days, in fact I skipped the TOY FAIR this year. But I'm intrigued by the craftsmanship and my husband has a long history with Steiff. His mother is German and many of his cousins are still there. As a boy he was given quite a few Steiff animals. They were saved and have been passed down to our girls. They look wonderful decades later. The details and the coloring are exquisite.

During my tour I was dazzled by a few things:

wicked witch bear

Wicked Witch of the West Teddy Bear: Third in the series of The Wizard of Oz collectibles, it's a green mohair Teddy bear.

The Woolly Mammoth Collection:Perfect for reptile fans. Now Steiff friends can go back into the past with these fascinating and cuddly-soft primordial beings on an equally exciting adventure tour!

Baby Dragons:There's Racy the girl dragon and Raudi the boy dragon.

Trampili Elephant Pull Toy: With red rollers this is a great first toy. The cuddly animal has detachable axles so is ready for a cuddle.

Fynn Teddy Bear Pirate: Packed in suitcase. Perfect for your summer travels.

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