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We are loving the new site called O-Mama. It's a site for moms with opinions (boy do we know a lot of those!). This month we're sharing their ideas on ways to make summer days spent at home a little more fun. Have you planned your Backyard Campout yet?

Family Campout: Pitch a tent, roast marshmallows, make s'??mores. Send the kids on a bug hunt, make nature bracelets out of inside out masking tape'?¦have them stick all their treasure on it. For the gear head to Kelty. We love the tents and even if you never leave your backyard you'll still feel like an explorer.

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Hawaiian Hideaway: Get out your beach chairs and water weenies, blow up water balloons, set up the slip '??n slide, baby pool or just turn on the sprinklers. Play Beach Boys music and blow up beach balls to kick around. Make pineapple juice drinks and cut up tropical fruit for fresh fruit kabobs.

Mexican Fiesta: Make margaritas and say fiesta! Prepare omemade guacamole with the kids'?¦have them roll up whatever they want in a tortilla. Stuff a piñata with goodie and have the kids go at it. Paint some pottery or have your own hat dance (turn on the music and have the kids do a silly samba'?¦turn off the music and have them '??freeze'?)

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Movie night: Set up a big screen in the back yard and have the kids grab their sleeping bags and pillows (a plain white sheet on a wall or fence will do the trick, too'?¦if you want to get fancy, you can rent an inflatable screen). Order pizzas, make some popcorn and open the soda'?¦fun! Epson makes some great models. and the brand has ideas for you to set up and create a Movie Night.'??short for Opinionated MAMA'??is a new resource for news and events from a mom'??s perspective founded on the belief that moms can be a constructive voice in the national dialogue by applying common sense principles honed in motherhood to get to the heart of the issues that matter most to our kids and our country. Putting parenting lessons in the context of the bigger issues of the day not only makes the site relevant and meaningful on a broad scale, but positions America's moms as a critical voice missing from our country's most important conversations.

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