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sharing memories with skype

Family matters to us. Between Mr.Momtrends and I we don't have a large group of relatives. Those we do have are scattered hither and yon. In addition to grandparents in Maryland, many relatives live in Germany and even those in the tri-state area are hard to pin down. Everyone seems to be getting older and our free time seems so limited.

Keeping everyone in the loop on family happenings is important to me. Whether it is the excitement of the first day of kindergarten (picture above) or big wedding news (more on that later), I want to share these moments with family. Since mass postal mailings are out of the question and email can seem so impersonal, we've found another option in Skype. Whether it is saying, "Hi" to the cousins in Ulm, Germany or sharing a piano recital with Mom and Dad in Annapolis with a group call, the technology of Skype shrinks the distance. And it might just help battle the guilt that kids feel when it comes to checking in with family.


Back in 2004 I eloped. Mr. Momtrends and I took a year of to travel (get the full story here). That was back in the day of dial up and crummy international web options. What brought me back from the trip? Running out of money and homesickness. Had Skype been loaded on my laptop back then, who knows, this blog might be based from Bali not Brooklyn. That's the magic of video. Unlike an email, seeing family in real-time is loaded with more meaning and emotion. Sadly, I didn't have the low cost option of catching up with my family via Skype.

As I think about what I want for my daughter's, I hope they look globally to fulfill career dreams. I don't want guilt to be a driving force when they map out the future. With Skype to keep in touch, I would still be able to share in their lives without having to hop on a jet. I hope they get the travel bug, and I hope they check in with me often. Missing me, missing family; that shouldn't stop them from living their dreams.

Here's an example. Meet Lindsay. When Lindsay graduated college, she didn’t really know what she was going to do with her life. After getting a degree in Biology, her original plan was to become a genetic counselor. But all that flew out the window after a life changing trip to Australia. In Australia, Lindsay worked at a wildlife reserve, taking care of animals and learning to love zookeeping. After her work visa ran out, she returned to the States to work at a new zoo, never forgetting the lessons learned and friendships made Down Under. Believe me you'll want to take a few minutes to watch this video.

All you need is an Internet connection. Simply download it on your phone or laptop and start sharing.

Skype brings people (and animals) together

. As for the guilt, you can kiss that goodbye. Embrace the experiences knowing you can share them. That's my dream for my girls.


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