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Squash is a Great Sport for Girls

ivivva workout clothes for girls

As far city sports go, squash has to rank towards the top of the list. You can play it all year round, it's a great workout, and it doesn't take up as much space as basketball or volleyball.

warming up before squash

Our girls started playing a few years ago and everyone in the family is now hooked on the sport. We play as a family and the girls are involved in group clinics too. I'd love to see more girls getting involved, it's a sport that build confidence, fitness and strategy. It's time for squash to become a fitness trend.

I'm working with Ivivva to tell you a little more about why squash is a great sport for girls and how your daughter can find a way to get into the game. Here's the deal: Squash is a court sport. Much like racquetball (but much cooler), you play by hitting a small bouncy ball off of a walled-in court. The action is fast and it's a tremendous workout. You can play singles or doubles and it's just a ton of fun!

I teamed up with Ivivva to talk about squash because the brand loves highlighting new ways to make girls strong. The brand is all about empowering this generation of girls to dream big, set goals and go for it!

You don't need a ton of gear to get started in squash, but the right workout clothes really help. Let's talk about the clothes and why they rock. Ivivva is owned by Lululemon. Everyone knows the brand and you all know how much effort they put into researching fabrics and fit. The parent brand saw a chasm in the marketplace when it came to finding great activewear for girls. They didn't just want to shrink down Lululemon gear, they wanted to create something special for young girls.

ivivva clothes for girls

The Ivivva design team is obsessed when it comes to fit and performance. They test and re-test on girls and then reach out to girls to get feedback.

My daughter's absolute favorite piece from the Ivivva spring collection is the Fly Tech tee. When I asked her why she loved it, she couldn't articulate the reason other than the "feel." I've got to guess that it just moves with her body well. Since I'm the head of the laundry facilities in our house, I like that the Silverescent® technology powered by X–STATIC ® helps keep the stink out of sweaty clothes. Since squash courts can get hot, it's great that the top has "Performance Mesh" venting.

Since there is a ton of running, lunging and jumping involved in squash, you're going to need bottoms with a lot of stretch to allow movement. Try the Rhythmic Crop Leggings they come in great solids and prints. Our girls love these leggings so much they want to wear them to school. I approve since our school has pretty liberal standards and the girls have gym or dance at school almost everyday. These leggings are cute and encourage the girls to move, so I'm in!

Now let's talk about squash. I'm going to give you some fun facts about the sport.

1. The U.S. has the fastest growing squash participation worldwide – the Sports & Fitness Association (SFIA) shows 101% growth overall between 2009 and 2014 to 1.6 million squash players.
2. According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), Squash is one of the three fastest growing activities in the U.S. increasing participation by 66% between 2010-2015.
3. A Forbes study pronounced squash the #1 sport for getting and staying fit – average players burn about 750 calories per hour!

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kids streching before sports

Here's why my girls love moves fast! We tried tennis and there was a lot of rounding up of the balls. In squash, the ball is contained to the court. Action can quickly resume. Plus, you can fit a whole lot more squash courts into NYC than you can tennis courts, making it easier to find "court time."

Squash teaches kids great hand-eye coordination as well as stamina. It's a game of not only fitness but of strategy. I've seen tiny girls beat boys who attempt to whallop the ball. It's a sport that pays off for being tenacious.

Squash is a Great Sport for Girls

A great resource for finding lessons in NYC is City Squash. Also, many local fitness centers like Eastern Athletic and Chelsea Piers offer kids classes-- is another resource for finding coaching and classes near you.

To get started, you'll need court shoes, workout clothes, like the ones we've featured from Ivivva, a racquet and eye protection. Start with the basics and them move on to family games we try to keep the ball in play and encourage long rallies.

When your child gets stronger skills you may want to consider a local tournament. NYC has dozens of them throughout the year. They can be social as long as you to them with the right attitude. Like all sports, the more serious and skilled the young athletes become, the higher the stakes. And it's not just NYC, Boston, Baltimore, San Francisco and other urban centers are building large programs for kids.

ivivva tennis outfit

My daughter is wearing the Tumbling Tank in this photo from a recent tournament. The top has a snug fit and comfortable racerback shape. The squash girls all love these tops because there's no need for a sports bra. All the seams are flat for chafe–resistance and comfort. She paired the top with the Pleat the Heat skirt. You don't have to wear a skirt for squash, but this skirt is just as comfortable as shorts. It moves extremely well and I think it's mighty cute.

clothes that rock for girls

Are you ready to get into the game? Let me know it you're a squash family or want to be one.

This is not a sponsored post. Ivivva provided clothing for the photos.

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