Spring Sun Care Tips


Just because it's not quite summer yet doesn't mean we shouldn't be focusing on protecting our skin. As long as the sun is shining, even if it's from behind clouds, there is an opportunity for sun protection. In fact, I advocate taking measures to protect your skin all year 'round. And so much more can go into protecting your skin than sunscreen alone. But that is, of course, a very important step in your sun care regimen...and we'll definitely get to that, because I do have my sunscreen favorites, but first let's discuss another measure you can take to care for your skin. I don't think it's one that many people think about when it comes to sun care tips...but I do think it's worth mentioning!


Did you know you can take care of your skin from the inside out? By taking an antioxidant packed supplement, like Heliocare, you can fight the free radicals that damage your skin. Think of your sunscreen as a fabulous dress and this supplement as the statement necklace that enhances it.

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Ok, now let's talk sunscreen. Sunscreen is something I wear every day...Every single day. I, obviously, wear it to try to prevent skin cancer. That's my primary focus. But, I'm also trying to maintain as youthful an appearance as possible too. Remember, even on those overcast days, your skin can be damaged. If you want to fight the good fight against sun damage, sun care has to be a part of your daily routine. I've upped things to the SPF 50 level because I'm not taking any chances. Haha! MD Complete Youthful Skin Sun Shield is a great option.


And another alternative, for those with sensitive skin like myself, is CeraVe sunscreen with invisible zinc. It's lightweight and oil free, so you don't have to worry about it clogging your pores or irritating your skin. I sometimes struggle with sunscreen because I seem to have a reaction to so many of them, but CeraVe works like a charm.


So, there you have it...Some of my skin protection favorites. I hope these sun care tips will help you take care of that precious complexion of yours this spring!

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