Spring Nail Trends

Spring Nail Trends

It was manicure morning at the office today. We got to get our digits primped, primed, and polished in the latest and greatest Essie colors. (Clearly, Nicole knows how to keep us motivated!... Usually it's wine, but this was equally exciting surprise!)

Since spring has sprung and May's flowers have bloomed, I was especially looking forard to test out a trendy and hot new hue for the season.

Have you heard the expression "millennial pink?" Apparently, it's a shade that ranges from ballet to Barbie--and millennial have deemed it the new "power color." I mean, not to brag, but, um, I've been wearing it in every way, shape, and shade since, like, 1982.


Needless to say and nevertheless, pink is having a major mani moment, and so I opted for a purplish pink polish for my spring manicure. Lilac and lavender shades are also very hot for the season. Of course, a nude nail with metallic or glittery accents will never go out of style.

I've rounded up a few more fun, flirty, and winsome ways to decorate your digits this spring and summer from simple citrus shades to updated French manicures (also having a big comeback!) to funky geometric embellishments. Whether you're going DIY or heading to the nail salon this weekend, give one of these ornate (and trendy!) options a try.

spring nail trends rainbow

Pastel Rainbow

ombre metallic nails

Ombre Metallic Nails

color cubes

Colorful Cube Art

powder blue french mani

Powder Blue French Mani

two tone neutral nails

Two-Tone Neutral Nails

multicolored french manicure

Multicolored French Manicure

color mani

Solid Bright Colors

barely there nail polish

Barely There Nail Polish

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