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Spring Break Swimwear Style

cute swimsuit with rashguard

Who's shopping for swimwear this week? Are you going someplace warm for spring break and need a new look for the beach? I was recently in Costa Rica for a warm-weather getaway and found some stylish finds that I wanted to share.

Slimming Swimsuit

First, let's talk swimwear. I'm a huge fan of MiracleSuit and MagicSuit I've ben wearing the slimming suits for years. I just love how the structured suits sort out all the mommy bits that have shifted as I've gotten older. This purple Fiona suit from MagicSuit is so sleek and modern--the cut out at the neck was my fashion statement. The rich eggplant color is sophisticated and I loved the fit. I was extremely confident poolside in this design.

swimsuit with rashguard

To give myself some style options, I also brought along a two-piece. On a recent visit to the showroom I saw another line that the company designs called EcoPeace. It's younger, with a lot less structure, but super cute. The fabrics are all made from recyclable material. Since I was headed on an adventure trip, I loved the idea of this rashguard top paired with bikini bottoms. There's nothing more annoying than worrying about your top falling off when you are trying to have fun with the kiddos. It's the perfect suit to pair with jean shorts and will make you feel sexy and confident while rafting, surfing or paddle boarding. One weird design didn't come with a bikini top. I ended up buying a solid color top to work in with this suit. You can see the full collection at where you can find out more about where to purchase and get detail about how all these eco-designs are made.

Mommy and me coverups

I also needed a new cover-up. I was at the Soma Intimates showroom back in December to see the new swimwear line they have developed. They were lovely enough to send along this sweet white cover-up with embroidery. Cover-ups are essential--especially at swank resorts. I don't want to go to a nice poolside lunch in my bikini. This Embroidered Cotton Tunic Swim Cover Up has a bit of beading and a lovely fit. In our mommy and me photo, my daughter rocks her cover up too! Look at this one--my daughter has her Snapper Rock cover-up on and we are chilling in the swing chair at the El Mangroove in Costa Rica.

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soma coverup

My last find to share is from Hadry. My friend Erica Diamond is the clever mom behind this brand. These hair wraps are gorgeous and chic, but they are also a secret weapon to protect your hair against humidity and the sun's harmful rays. I'm not going to lie, I spend a ton of money on my hair color. It's an investment I want to protect.

hadry hair wraps

I'm wearing the Animal Tie Die Sophisticated Woodstock print. HADRY uses an innovative fabric to protect hair from the elements. This fabric locks out the humidity, is breathable, and is also water resistant (while both keeping hair dry and protecting it from harmful UV rays). I'm wearing the HADRY Scarf. You can tie it into a long knot, a short knot, a bow, or wrap around. HADRY is also available in two sizes: Small/Medium (for short thin hair) and Large/X-Large (for longer thicker hair, this is the size I have).

Hadry scarves are really easy to style. Unlike most scarves, they are specifically designed for your head. They don't slip off. There's not a lot of "scarf management" going on with these.

beach style for moms

Resort dress code is pretty easy when you know where to start. I'm psyched to have added these cute, packable pieces to my travel wardrobe.

This is not a sponsored post. Samples were provided for review.

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