Trendy Thursday: Spring 2013 Trend Bermuda Shorts


We’re closing in on the Spring Equinox which means that shorts weather will be here before we know it. I don’t know about you lovelies, but just hearing the word shorts fills me with dread. You know the old saying, nine months to put it on, nine months to take it off? Well, that definitely holds true for me. And seeing as my lil’ lady bean is only 8 months old, my post baby bod isn’t quite yet where I want it to be. Thank goodness for Bermuda shorts! Bermuda shorts have been a part of this Florida girl’s spring and summer wardrobe for years! I love how they give me some coverage, yet keep me cool when it’s sweltering out, which it soon will be.

I was thrilled to see them all over the spring runway of Diane Von Furstenberg, one of my all time favorite designers! I imagine some of you are reluctant to wear Bermuda shorts much in the same way that I’m not keen on throwing on a pair of short shorts. The term frumpy is swirling around in your head right? Well, get ready to change your mind! Bermuda shorts can be totally figure flattering and far from frumpy when styled right.

Personally, I prefer slimmer cut Bermudas because the last thing I want to do as a height challenged girl with some curves is add extra volume with wide cut shorts. I'm loving J. Crew's lightweight Bermuda short because you can easily dress them up or down. I’m also a fan of adding a few inches with heels or wedges, depending on how dressy I want my outfit to be.

bermuda shorts, spring 2013 fashion trends, ankle strap heels, lace, peplum

Are you headed out for a girls' night soon? a little lace peplum top would be a perfect partner for the Bermuda shorts and heels combo.This spring, I'm definitely diggin' all the gorgeous ankle-strap heels out there. Perhaps, you have brunch plans with your mom this weekend…Simply switch out those high heels for wedges for a daytime look.

Berumda shorts, spring 2013 fashion trends, lace, gladiator sandals

And if you're more of a flats kinda girl, no worries. Just show some skin, like your shoulders for instance, with a sweet little tank and add some cute gladiator sandals to the mix, to keep your Bermuda look on trend.

So, who’ ready to rock one of spring’s hottest trends, Bermuda shorts?

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