Sleep Advice for New Parents

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Special event for new parents: Let's Talk About Sleep. What it looks like, where to find it...hosted by the Prenatal Yoga Center. They'll discuss: What does a sleep schedule look like? Should I put my baby on a schedule?

What can I do if my spouse comes home in the evening and riles up the baby? What if feel guilty asking my partner to help at night? Is it OK to rock my baby to sleep? My baby is 3 months old, can I still swaddle her? How do I cut down on night time feeding? Can I sleep with my baby?

A great discussion for moms with babies, ages newborn through one year. Join them with questions and opinions, led by Jessica Shapley. Because if no one is sleeping you are on a downward spiral--get your questions answered and get some peace of mind.

Jessica Shapley, LMSW,CMT devotes much of her work assisting parents to finding the right solution that gets everyone to enjoy going to sleep and sleeping better. She brings research, clinical and personal experience to her practice with new and young families. Jessica earned her Bachelors in Psychology from Boston University and her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University.

Special Event: Let's Talk About Sleep

Tuesday, February 1


Sleep Event | $20

251 W. 72nd St. 2F 


(212) 362-2985

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