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Women love to throw parties. We love to gather friends and share. Whether it’s a big celebration, like an engagement or a baby, or maybe it’s just surviving a crazy week of balancing work, family and life. We love gathering our BFFs and raising a glass. Skinnygirl® Cocktails is celebrating the women who gather. The women who plan. The ringleaders who pop up in your inbox to invite you to a #RHONY party or a knitting circle or a potluck. The tastemakers.

To kick things off, Skinnygirl® Cocktails gathered some great party planners, style mavens and foodies in New York for an influencer summit. We sampled wine, noshed on gourmet food, whipped up cocktails and swapped ideas on how to throw great parties. You might say we were working. You might also, say, we are really, really lucky!

Wine dinner

Most of the fun happened at the James Hotel. We kicked things off with a wine tasting led by Dan Irving, VP of the Winery Exchange (the company that makes all of Skinnygirl® Cocktails wines), paired with food from David Burke’s restaurant at the hotel. (More to come soon with our exclusive wine pairings party in June).

tastemakers cooking class

The next day, we were treated to an exclusive cooking party where we learned how to whip up a gourmet meal incorporating Skinnygirl® Cocktails products into each item we made. The cooking party was a treat. We sliced and diced and prepped our own gourmet lunch. I loved seeing how the cocktails can also be integrated into recipes.

with bethenny

And then, there was the celebrity experience! Bethenny Frankel arrived for cocktails and a chat on the final evening. She shared the winding story of her success (the woman doesn’t take no for an answer).

margarita party

Inspired? I sure was. So to celebrate Bethenny’s return to Bravo’s Real Housewives New York City, I dreamed up a fiesta for friends. I created a quick and easy Margarita Bar using Skinnygirl® Cocktails ready to pour margaritas.

margarita party with skinnygirl
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Planning the party was easy. I used the ready-to-serve Skinnygirl® Margarita and then came up with some fun add-on ideas.

simple bites for margarita party

1. Keep the food simple. I used chips and salsa since it was a simple party, I kept the focus on the drinks.

2. Step up your ice. I prepped oversized rocks. This way the margarita will stay cool without getting watery.

3. Get your guests involved. After I demonstrated rimming the glass with lime and then adding salt from our salt bar, everyone was able to join in the fun. I picked three flavors: a tart lime, sea salt and a sweet one. TIP: use washi tape and a Sharpie pen to label all the flavors.

4. Have a signature drink. I picked the Spicy Margarita. To make this I followed Bethenny's instructions in her cocktail guide. I muddled some jalapeno added it to a rocks glass that had been rimmed with a sea salt mix. Add in a large "rock" and then pour over the chilled pre-mixed cocktail. Easy peasy and so tasty.

Here's a look at details from the party:

spicy lime cocktail recipe

Maybe you're saying, "Yes, that's so me! I plan these bashes all the time." Well you can join in the tastemaker movement. It's so easy. Just head on over to Skinnygirl® Cocktails Tastemakers page here you'll fill our a few details, get a confirmation email, then voila! You've got access to awesome content to plan and celebrate the events big and small with your girl posse.

skinny girl social media

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