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Skincare Secrets: Products That Changed My Skin

Have you ever tried a skincare product that wowed you? A product so knock-your-socks-off good that you weren't sure whether to shout it from the rooftop or keep it a secret?! Or maybe you've seen someone with great skin and wondered what they use? Today I'm sharing two skincare secrets that changed my skin - AND I asked over 100 other ladies to share theirs too! Read on for some fabulous skincare secret finds - and then share yours below too!

The Product That Changed My Skin

I'll go first and start with one of my latest skincare find. It started with a Groupon for a facial. I'm not loyal to any particular esthetician, but a good Groupon deal inspires me to make the time to get my skin deep cleaned. But the facial I got from Sandi at The Skin Genie was skin-changing. She introduced me to the Environ product line - a skincare line I had heard of, but hadn't tried. What impressed me the most was after a 90-minute facial of cleaning and steaming, rubbing and scrubbing, masking and even a peel, my skin wasn't the least bit red or irritated. There was no indication that my skin had just gotten a complete workout - instead I just had a glow.

Environ skincare

I went on to use the Environ products that Sandi had recommended for my skin for the next two months - the Sebuwash cleanser, Clarifying Lotion, Alpha Toner Forte, and Enhanced A, C, E oil (an oil designed for the body, but Sandi told me works great on the face!). These products have seriously changed my skin. Smoother, brighter, tighter pores, better tone, better texture - and these products have done it without making my skin red or irritated along the way!

My second skincare secret was a change I made a few years back and undeniably had a HUGE impact on my skin: cutting dairy. Dairy didn't bother my digestion system, but it sure had an impact on my breakouts. Cutting back significantly (I still have the occasional cheese or scoop of ice cream) dramatically reduced any breakouts I have.

On to a few others! I reached out to more than 100 other women for their skin-changing secrets - here's what they shared.

ZO Obagi

ZO Obaji

"ZO Obaji completely changed the texture, cleared my hyper pigmentation, and controlled hormonal blemishes better than any product I have ever used and I've used everything you can possibly imagine. This is the Bentley of skincare! I highly recommend this is if your skin rejuvenation is something you are willing to invest in. Beauty results do not come cheap." - 47yo

Brightside Skincare

Brightside skincare

"I love Brightside products ! The serum has normalized my very oily skin and has transformed the tone and texture. It has been a god send to me and I couldn't be without it. The products are the best I've ever found and are a real value." - NH

"Brightside Skincare is simply amazing! I use the foaming cleanser for acne prone skin, toner, and alternate facial serum and moisturizer. The cleanser contains charcoal which is very unique. It cleans my skin but definitely does not dry it out like most acne products! I love it!" - 44yo

Osmia Organics Black Clay Soap

"Osmia Organics Black Clay soap is unbelievable. Got rid of my adult acne, and as long as I use it 2X daily , no problems. It’s phenomenal." - M.


Philosophy "Take a Deep Breath" line

"I struggled with acne through my early 20's and no matter how many facials or dermatologist recommended products I tried, nothing worked. Every since I started using Philosophy's "Take a Deep Breath" line, I am acne free and have much more confidence while wearing much less makeup." - 27yo

Beauty Counter

beauty counter cleansing balm

"I switched from Amore Pacific to Beauty Counter about a year ago. Amore Pacific has been my favorite line of treatments for over a decade but it is insanely expensive. I was introduced to Beauty Counter by a friend and I love it. Here’s what I notice - skin more supple, glowing complexion, wrinkles remain at bay, more even skin tone. Cheaper, better, and I swear I look prettier. Basically I’m 55 and every day I look in the mirror I feel like I look better than I did in my 30s. The products I use that I think are helping most are the Cleansing Balm and the��Hydrating Oil." - 55yo

CLn Body Wash

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Cln cleanser

"CLn Body Wash completely transformed the skin on my chest and back. I used to suffer from "back acne" and bumps on my chest--the dreaded folliculitis caused by sports bras. I started using CLn Body Wash after workouts, and now my skin is smooth, soft and bump free. I swear it looks younger, too! I am back to wearing off-the-shoulder shirts, v-necks, you name it. I have my confidence and my wardrobe back!" - 36yo

Avalon Vitamin C Cream

"I live in Arizona and I’m suffering of skin dryness. I wake up with the snake’s skin, so flaky and cracked and I am only 30! I tried Avalon Vitamin C cream and OH MY GOSH! I loved it. SOOOO moisturizing!" - 30yo

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

Mario Badescu Toner

"For me, my skin changing product was the Glycolic Acid Toner by Mario Badescu. Previously when I’ve tried using toners, I’ve had really bad reactions involving cystic acne. Not only have I had no reaction with this toner, but my skin tone is evening out and my pores are less noticeable. My skin just also looks healthier. This isn’t related to my actual skin, but I also love that their line is cruelty-free." - 22yo

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

"I know I'm not a woman, but my girlfriend is :) I saw your call and thought I'd share what I believe is the best treatment for skin. [My girlfriend] gets eczema and I get a very dry face, especially in winter. BUT since rubbing coconut oil on our sore and dry spots we've seen a HUGE difference. I know coconut oil was last years trend, but we are still sure anyone with any skin problems can benefit from this great ingredient." - E.

"You cannot go wrong with pure coconut oil, any brand but the virgin is better quality. It moisturizes skin, makes it glow, heals any problems and it makes you look younger. It can also be used on the hair, just a couple of drops is plenty for skin or hair. I am 61 and people are always remarking on my skin and how young I look!" - J.

Rodan and Fields Microdermabrasion Paste

Rodan and Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

"A year ago I was fed up with what I saw when I looked in the mirror; my face looked old, wrinkly, and dull. A friend introduced me to Rodan & Fields products, and within a couple weeks my skin had a healthy, clear, dewy glow, shedding years. This paste is really powerful for scrubbing away dead cells and leaving it really soft and fresh." - 40ish

HUM Nutrition Gut Instinct probiotic

"I noticed a change after about two weeks of taking these pills, on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. My skin looks brighter and healthier than I could’ve imagined! Hello gorgeous, glowy skin!" - 24yo

Kiehl's Facial Oil

Kiehl's Face oil

 "Facial oil has changed my life. I can add a few drops to my day and my complexion instantly looks healthier, rosier and, most importantly, younger! I love OLAY Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil as an affordable choice and Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate for a splurge." - KS


"I have battled sun spots and hyper pigmentation from birth control pills in the past. I've tried every bleaching cream out there, acid peels, micro dermabrasion, scrubs etc...never really worked and felt bad on my skin. I started going to the Korean spa - Natura - a couple years ago and got a facial there about 1.5 years ago, mid treatment the gal asked if she could shave my face, barely understanding what she said until it started...I said Yes! When done, I was so impressed with the even tone of my skin!!! I had heard about derma-planing before, many makeup artist friends says all celebs shave their face but I was of the mindset - no way am I shaving my face like a man!!! Weird, and no. I asked the gal to see what she used on my can buy at beauty stores, 3 pack for about $10...after a few months I got a lot of comments on how good my skin looked. You basically just wash your face like normal, after it's dry (maybe 5 mins) you can gently shave off dead skin cells and "peach fuzz" harsh chemicals, no irritating scrubs, no need to use anything on your face to shave (I've NEVER used shaving cream, you want the skin dry). I shared initially w some family and friends, and of course they were like what ...well fast forward 6 months and several have asked for for tips/how to's. It's not any every day thing, more like every 5-7 days. I'm 39 ugh, but fortunately I get a lot of comments that I don't "look that old"." - 39yo

Sooo...spill the beans! What skincare product has changed your skin!

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