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Ski Mom Review Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant

Scandinavian Spa Mont Tremblant

All ski moms deserve a spa day at Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant. It’s a lot of work getting all the kids ready to ski. Plus, many of us join the kids out there on the hill for skiing or boarding. It’s a great workout and a great family experience, but not without it’s stresses. On most of my ski trips I make it a point to visit the spa for a bit of well-earned rest and relaxation. The way I see it, it’s really responsible journalism to let you know where to recharge. I don’t want to leave you my dear readers stressed after a ski holiday. Fortunately Scandinave Spa near Mont Tremblant is the answer to a weary parent's prayers.

Getting to Scandinave Spa at Mont Tremblant is simple. It's just a 5-10 minute drive down Monteé Ryan the main artery to the resort, the spa is tucked into a hilly spot on the Diable River making it accessible but with a remote vibe once you arrive. The spa makes the most of the surrounding nature. You literally cross a bridge to serenity as you leave the parking lot.

bridge to serenity

Listen for the falling snow and gently crackling fires (the staff has a number of outdoor fires lit to help set the mood). Ahhhh.

This is an adults-only serenity zone (you must be 18 or over to use the spa). I left my kids in the capable hands of Mr. Momtrends for an afternoon of skiing. I got a well-deserved afternoon off, but would have been fun as a couple too.

scandinavian spa loby

The lobby is warm and inviting and quite impressive. The gorgeous lobby has another roaring fire and a small café for light bites before or after treatments. Here you’ll sign in and get your robe (rent one for $10—it’s worth it) and towels (two are complimentary). The spa looks to be in exquisite condition and has been very well maintained since it’s 1999 opening. It appears they spared no expense on the grounds and facilities.

From the lobby you'll head back outdoors to a small building that houses the men’s and women’s locker rooms (locks are provided at no cost). Stash your winter gear and lip into your swimsuit (don’t forget to bring your own slippers) and head outdoors to start you hydrotherapy treatments.

scandinavian spa waterfall

Here’s a bit of hydrotherapy 101. It’s about relaxing muscles and improving circulation. Hydrotherapy is a process of a experiencing warmth, then a cold blast and then rest. It works best when repeated and it’s incomparable when done in a gorgeous outdoor setting like this one at Mont Tremblant.

cold waterfall scandinavian spa

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Hydrotherapy Cycle:

Hot: Open the pores, stimulate circulation and release toxins (10-15 minutes)
Cold: Close the pores and strengthen the immune system (10 seconds)
Rest: Allow the cardiovascular system to regulate itself and blood circulation to slow down. (10-15 minutes)

diable river in snow

The Scandinave Spa has multiple options for the hot/cold/rest experiences. I started my warm therapy in the Finnish sauna (about 185 degrees). I set the timer for 15 minutes but could only make 12 before I felt I was melting. From here, I had best of intentions of plunging in the Diable River for my cold blast, but the dozen steps down to the river were covered in a foot of snow that halted my progress. I’m brave and bold, but the thought of submerging in near-frozen water (they broke a hole in the ice to make a small access point) and then having to slip-slide up snowy steps just wasn’t appealing. Instead I opted to dip into a cold pool (15º). Yep, it sure was invigorating. Then I found a spot to rest indoors and watch the snowfall. I can see why these treatments are so appealing.

spa quiet zone

I repeated the process trying an outdoor spa (heated) and the Nordic waterfall (cold, very, very cold) and the Eucalyptus steam room where I wafted the minty scent and then one more trip to the waterfall to let the cold rapids do some work on my upper back.

When I finished three cycles of the treatments, I felt like a new person. My whole body felt refreshed.

The zone of silence certainly helped too. No chitchat, no cellphones, just peace and quiet.

Scandinave Spa

It’s possible to pop in without a reservation if you want to use the baths. You'll want to allow about 2 hours to fully “soak” in the hydrotherapy experience. On this trip, I didn’t have time to book a massage, but next trip I will definitely carve out an extra hour for a treatment. The traditional Swedish massage ($130 for 60 minutes) sounded especially enticing. The spa hires world-class therapists and has an excellent reputation for massages.

A bit about planning: Rates for the use of the baths are $48. Massages start at $100 and pregnancy massages are also available. The baths are open year round (even on Christmas!). You'll want to book your massages in advance--especially during ski season.

To book your session call 819-425-5524 or visit If you need permission to take half a day off from the family, tell them it’s an investment in your mental and physical health. When you are at your best you’ll bring more joy to your family. Be sure to treat yourself to Scandinave Spa when you book your Mont Tremblant vacation.

This is not a sponsored post.

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