Simple Lunch Ideas for Back-to-School: Containers

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If you enjoy the idea of bento lunches and want to try them for your child, you will need a container to hold them. While any basic resealable container will do, there are many great choices available that are made specifically for bento lunches.

A small sample of what's available for great lunches:

My Square Meal - $9.95 - features multiple smaller compartments, perfect for a large variety of items (main feature)

LunchBots -$12.99 and up, depending on box size - stainless steel construction for those wishing to avoid plastic items.

Easy Lunchboxes - $13.95 - includes 4 sets of lids & containers, with plenty of space to hold sandwiches and other items

Pottery Barn Kids Spencer Bento Box - $14 - a larger box with 5 interior compartments for a bigger appetite

Goodbyn- $24.95 - a fun lunchbox with an included water bottle, it also comes with stickers to personalize the outside for your child

Laptop Lunches - $24.99 - the original American style bento box, features removable inner containers (some with lids) to keep items separate, carrying.

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