The Brother-Sister Bond: Sweet Pajamas for Siblings


Nothing gives me the warm and fuzzies like watching my two small people interact with each other. Even when they’re fighting over a toy, I can’t help but smile at their effortless bickering. I can remember battling with my brother and sister—it goes with the territory of early siblinghood after all, and it’s a right of passage for every budding dynamic duo.

matching pajamas
sibling pj

Of course, I much prefer to watch my two toddlers hug and kiss and cuddle and snuggle up together. It’s the sweetest. I love it when they climb into Mommy and Daddy’s big bed in the morning—their tiny bodies warm with sleep, as they huddle together under our fluffy down comforter. Once in a blue moon, they’ll miraculously nod back off to Slumberland for a bonus hour or two. And, inevitably, I'll spend a good 10 minutes watching them softly breathe in harmony, tangled up in each other’s arms. Indeed, that’s a rare occurrence. The early hours of morning usually turn into raucous sibling playing—which turns into wrestling… which turns into fighting. But they always make up… usually over a big breakfast date.

sibling antics

Speaking of breakfast, how cute are these BabyGap bacon-and-egg sleep sets? My little loves make quite a delicious duo, tasty twosome, and palatable pair in these pajamas. I could just eat them up!

Coordinating PJs for Brothers & Sisters

It’s National Siblings Day, and we are spreading the brother-sister love with a roundup of some of our favorite pajama pairings for boys and girls. Because, as my parents always told me and my big bro and sis, "kids... they're so cute when they're sleeping."

PJ Pairs

From top left to bottom right: 1. Gap Bacon and Eggs Sleep Set, $27 / 2. Gap Bacon and Heart Eggs Sleep Set, $27 / 3. Gap Dinosaur Sleep Set, $20 / 4. Gap Dotty-Dino Sleep Set, $ / 5. Hanna Andersson Dog-Bunny Ears Sleep Set, $35 / 6. Hanna Andersson Bunny Ears Sleep Set, $35 / 7. J.Crew Mash-Up Striped Sleep Set, $50 / 8. J. Crew Bright Mash-Up Striped Sleep Set, $45

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