Shun the Sun with Self-Tanners


Today'??s savvy women stay away from the sun'??s harmful rays '?? a far cry from the popularity stirred by Coco Chanel'??s first intentional tan in the '??30s French Riviera. If it'??s the cocoa color you crave, but the sun you shun, try sunless tanning.

With light creams, bronzing powders, and user-friendly sprays, you'??ll look like you spent time in the Tropics (even if the closest you've gotten is cutting up pineapple chunks for your little one).

Here are a few tips on how to color your world safely:

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  • Don'??t go too dark. Just don'??t.
  • Exfoliate beforehand. Getting rid of dry skin flakes will ensure even coverage (Read: fewer streaks and more natural color).
  • For a lighter glow, mix 1/2 lotion (make sure it'??s oil-free) and 1/2 self-tanner.
  • After you apply the cream, use a tube sock put over your hand sock-puppet style and rub in circular motions to even out the tanner.
  • Mess up? Panic not. Mix lemon juice with sugar and rub in small circles at the offending streaky spot'?¦All better.
  • Wash your hands immediately. Orange palms are just odd.
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A few I like: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer (great for subtle, day-by-day color), Cellex-C Bio-Tan Sunless Tanning Gel (so pricey, but so worth it with super easy application and excellent color), Bliss A Tan For All Seasons (a 360-degree nozzle means nothing is hard-to-reach).

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