Shake Shack Style Outing

spring style

With spring break at hand we took the girls on a style outing to Shake Shack. If you haven't noticed, we're doing away with stock images here on Momtrends. We want to show you style in the real world. Fussy fashions? Not so much. We're all about fun wearable trends.


For this photo shoot, we paired Children's Place clothing with yummy Shake Shack food. I admit to bribery. I told the girls: Good photos=crinkle fries and strawberry shakes. No one should be surprised that it was all smiles.


In addition to Brooklyn's delectable shakes, I want to talk about two trends I love for spring. Patterned pants. Who says prints have to be on top! Children's Place has the cutest leggings--the pair with stripes and florals is so clever with the asymmetrical t-shirt. And on the little one with glasses we've got floral stretch denim with stripes. When it comes to pattern, we go big or go home.


Let's take a moment for the shoes. Another trend I love is high-style sneakers. As you may be aware, Cinderella is making a comeback. These light-up Cinderella Wish Lights Sneakers are perfect with just about everything my 1st grader wants to wear for spring. It's Chuck Taylor's for the 4th grader!


Finally, a moment about braids. I love how they sweep the hair out of the face and let the girls be active without have to have super short hair.

shake shack DUMBO

A huge thank you to Shake Shack in DUMBO for hosting us and the treats. Right now, they are offering $2 to the Brooklyn Autism Center for every Blueberry Streusel Shake purchased in April. This is a brand with a big heart. Did I tell you I love my neighborhood!

This is not a sponsored post.

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