Sewing Classes for Kids NYC

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Anyone can sew. A growing number of Brooklyn parents this Fall, are enrolling their children, as young as 3 ½ years old, into sewing classes at A-Needle-Pulling-Thread sewing school. Crafty preschooler’s can lace, thread, weave and sew.

Pre–sewing and hand sewing activities help build fine motor skills that enable a child to perform a variety of important functional tasks. Maria Montessori called the hand “the companion to the mind”, siting that manipulating objects with the hands facilitates, and more fully integrates learning.

Fashion industry veteran Wanda Bruno is the mother of a curious preschooler. She developed the unique SEW & GROW pre-sewing and hand sewing program for kids 3 ½ to 6 years old after allowing her own daughter to sew along side her, and seeing the developmental benefits.

Sewing Classes for Kids 

GUMBO at 493 Atlantic Ave in downtown/Boreum Hill 718-855-7808

STILL HIP at 283 Grand Ave in Clinton Hill 718-398-0008, 

LEWIS GALLERY at 411 Lewis Ave in Stuyvesant Heights 718-624-8372

Ages 4 and up

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