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bikini hair management

Time for swimsuits and that means managing body hair. I've been testing the Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle®. The heat has been high this summer and I've been in a swimsuit a lot. I want to feel confident and cool at the pool. I don't want any fuzz to distract me from having fun. And it must be said, my lady parts have to be managed just like the legs and underarms. I need the right weapon.

Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle® is perfect for anyone looking for a complete body hair removal system. The TrimStyle® is the only 4-blade razor and waterproof bikini trimmer in one. Meaning you only need one thing to bring on your next beach vacation. For me, less is more when it comes to body hair. I've got Portuguese ancestors and that means thick, dense hair to deal with. I need a great shaver.

As expected from Schick, the razor is terrific--delivering a clean, close shave. But the big news is the battery operated, bikini trimmer on the other end of the razor. Bring it in the shower with you (go ahead, it's safe) and get everything done neatly, and quickly. The trimmer is really the buzz-worthy detail. You can trim to three different lengths with this gadget. It's meant to last too. You can replace batteries in the trimmer (the blades in the trimmer don't need replacing).


I know this is cool looking and you might have more questions. You can get your queries answered here or ask me in a comment.

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Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle® enables women to shave, trim and transform themselves with a simple flip of the handle. Achieve a shave so smooth you can skip a day or two with this must-have accessory that gives women the confidence and energy to feel free in their skin.

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