Runkeeper Go: Best Running Buddy Ever

You don't have to be a marathoner to use Runkeeper Go--it's for all levels and all types of movement.
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Runkeeper is a running moms best friend. The running app never cancels on you. It never complains about distance and it never has to stop to tie a shoe. We led a group of bloggers on a 5K fun run in Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge and Back to DUMBO.

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Our group had all downloaded the Runkeeper App to try out the new GO service. It's a monthly subscription. The App is designed to be your personal trainer. It will provide workouts that match your goals from speed to weight loss. Set a goal and have a helping hand getting there.

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We had a bunch of different fitness levels in our group. A few moms like Scherrie from wanted to get more movement and exercise into the day. And then there are runners like Suzanne from MomConfessionals. She's got a half marathon coming up and uses Runkeeper Go to track her training. (Go, Suzanne, Go!). You don't have to be a marathoner to use Runkeeper Go--it's for all levels and all types of movement.

Here are a few screen shots to show you how to use the app. It's so easy to start a new run (that you can do on the free version). The second slide shows my personal reporting and more details about my run.

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The app will also help you create and keep a routine. Slot your runs into your schedule with the app to make sure you don't skimp on your workouts.

I love the run tracking, for training I want to track my workouts so I can improve performance and stay on pace for upcoming races. Even when I'm just out for fun, there are some cool features--like the built-in DJ and the social sharing.

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You can get all the details on

What else is news? Runkeeper now pairs Apple Watch--its updated app now lets you ditch your iPhone and track your run using only the Apple Watch instead.

Download the app:

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