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SKORA running shoes

I know that running is good for us, but since a lot of people talk about how they can't run anymore because of their back or their knees, I always assumed that even though running is good for you, it's also not so good for you. Maybe we all need to run real with SKORA Running Shoes. Here's the story, according to the folks at SKORA, the human body was designed to run and they design shoes that let people run naturally. "Run Real", they call it.

SKORA running shoes are designed to allow your feet to run like nature intended you to run - not with the heel contacting the ground first, but the entire foot. Running with your whole foot allows less impact and shock throughout the body. They're also built with a wider, more accurate and comfortable area for the toes. Most noticeable is the considerably less cushioning in SKORA running shoes. Apparently, all that cushioning interferes with the way we are supposed to run. Did early man have all that cushioning when he ran away from danger or towards his dinner?

SKORA's shoes are available for men and women and come in two varieties: BASE and FORM. BASE shoes feature a lightweight, durable mesh upper, a super cool looking X-strap closure and a fit that mimics the foot's shape. FORM features a Goatskin leather upper and lining with asymmetric lacing, no-tongue creating a fit that conforms with the foot.

I tested out a pair of the FORM shoes and they were very comfortable and lightweight. Most sneakers have so much cushioning that you feel taller when you put them on, but not these. I took my new SKORA's out for a jog today and they felt fantastic. I felt fantastic. I guess that's what it means to run real.

It goes without saying, that SKORA shoes look awesome. You can see that for yourself. These are uber cool looking running shoes. Run real, I guess, also means run cool. I definitely get that. And for tips on running with your tweens and teens, be sure to check out this post.

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