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Room-by-Room Tips to Help You Declutter Your Home

The Room-by-Room Guide to Decluttering

We are big fans of organizing, streamlining, and decluttering here at MT HQ. We like to keep our workspaces tidy and our homes mess-free. You know, in theory...

Simultaneously, having kids and keeping a clutter-free is home could be considered an oxymoron. Toys, clothes, books, and STUFF tend to pile up in every corner of every room when you have busy little bees buzzing about... But there are ways to make everyone happy without having to purge your house of all the kids' beloved belongings.

Fun fact: the average American home contains 300,00 items! (Hashtag: all the things!) According to studies, keeping all those, um, shall we say "essentials" organized can take you a lot of time if you're doing it inefficiently.

We're sharing a few top tips from organization expert, Tracy McCubbin, founder of dClutterfly to help you clear the clutter and get a fresh start at home.



Tackle Tupperware: Take it all out of the cabinets, and and make sure that every top has a bottom and every bottom has a top. Throw out anythign that doesn't have a match (if you can't it now, you probably never will).

Separate Spices: Spices do not last forever. They DO have a shelf life. They eventually lose their flavor. Ground spices last 3 to 4 years and leafy spices last 1 to 2 years. And here’s a quick tip: Write the year the spice was purchased on the lid.

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Find a Home for Every Item: Take a peek around the room and look at what items have homes they can be returned to. Sometimes a quick returning of things to their proper space will declutter a room in a very short time.

Evaluate Your Magazine Stash: This is the first item to make a room feel cluttered, and the thing to be reread! Be honest about the time and interest you have, and put magazines in the recycle bin.


Start with under the bathroom sink: This is the first place to become a clutter "catch all." Cleaning products you no longer use? Get rid of them. Bath toys the kids have outgrown? Chuck them. How about your sunscreen stash? It’s designed to last for about three years but if it’s older than that, it loses it’s efficiency. Get rid of it.



Declutter Those Nightstands: Waking to a pile of clutter start the day on the wrong foot. Keep only what you need on your nightstand. And no decorative books!

Clean Your Closet: The reality is, we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Be honest about all the clothes spilling out of our closet. Doesn’t fit? It has to go. Regret buying it? Return or donate it to a worthy cause.


Get the Junk Out: Do you park your car in your garage? Only 25% of Americans do. It's no surprise that garages are the biggest offenders of clutter. Start with the extra sports equipment. If it's broken, worn out, or unused, it has to go.

Go Through the Boxes: Boxes of old paperwork? Check with your tax advisor about what you really need to keep and shred the rest. If it’s a lot more than your little home shredder can handle, consider calling a mobile shred company.

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