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For a while I've had an inkling that Brooklyn is the hippest borough. Now I might have all the evidence I need. Strolling home from a movie last week I stumbled upon Rolling Orange. This is custom-bicycle heaven for anyone that wants to transport themselves, their kids, their gear or pets in the most eye-catching wheels in NYC.

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The shop opened in June and is a glorious piece of commercial design. The Dutch bikes come in 18 versions--none of them built for speed. It's all about aesthetics.

Rolling Orange believes that "slower is better" these bikes are all about style. But you have to see it in person. Bring the kids--they've got a art table and plenty of wide open space this is Brooklyn and extremely kid-friendly. Then peruse the bikes.

Want to test one of the beauties? Grab the kids and bike across the Brooklyn Bridge on a Dutch bike. This saturday you can! Rolling Orange offers free testrides on Saturdays--call to find out the next session.

Head to the facebook page for events. They host "crawls" --it's too hot to race anyhow.

Rolling Orange

269 Baltic Street

Brooklyn, NY, 11201


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