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Online holiday shopping can be exhausting. Finding the items, comparing prices, tracking orders, and so on. Now, with Rightcliq by VISA, you can say goodbye to all of your online shopping worries and frustrations.

Rightcliq by VISA is possibly one of the most innovative shopping tools we have experienced. It is an online shopping mechanism that improves the shopping process by making it simpler, smarter and more fun.

So how does Rightcliq work?

First you must visit www.rightcliq.visa.com to enroll and download the Rightcliq plug-in. This wasn'??t so simple for us, as we are Mac users and the tool is not compatible with Safari. We had to download and install Firefox to operate the system for future use.

Registration: Registration is simple, provide personal information and billing information, then begin shopping.

Shopping: You can jump from website to website collecting all the stuff you love and adding it to your Rightcliq Wishspace, even organizing it by bundles, simply by clicking the Rightcliq plug-in (in your browser) and then the item. This is by far the best feature of Rightcliq.

I created bundles for my family as shown in the photo below. It helped me to track the items I was interested in buying without having to buy them or having tons of windows open at one time. I also enjoyed sharing the Wishspace with my husband who gave advice on which items to purchase.

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Purchase: When it came time to purchase, I simply clicked on the item in my Wishspace which automatically directed me to the website for checkout. Rightcliq has the option to Auto Fill your personal, payment and shipping information each time you check out to reduce the hassle of completing checkout forms each time. I didn'??t find this feature to be helpful, only because my computer stores this information for me and auto fills it at most checkouts.

Tracking: Rightcliq allows you to track purchases online all in one convenient place, a huge service for multiple orders.

Savings: I love the savings you get from Rightcliq. I received an automatic 20% savings on my purchase from Gap just by using Rightcliq. They offer savings with over 100 merchants.

Momtrends received a VISA giftcard to test and review Rightcliq.

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