Review - Dr. Sears Family Essentials Fruit Chew Supplements

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Back-to-school means challenging their brains and their bodies. This is why we were thrilled to find out about the new Supplement Fruit Chews recently launched by world-renowned Pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears (quite a guy, boasting 32 books and a website that attracts over 1.5 unique users every month).

There are three different chews to make sure your little ones (and even the slightly big ones) stay healthy, happy and maybe even a little ahead of the game. All are 100% All-Natural and contain no artificial flavors or colors. The Amazon price is $12.95 for 30 chews.

Available in mixed berry and pineapple-mango (a little too tangy for tiny tongues), the Multi-Vitamin +D Fruit Chew delivers all a growing body needs, packed with 18 essential vitamins and minerals. The Omega-3 DHA Fruit Chew give them a boost in the development department, with DHA found to be a key component of the brain, eye and nervous system function. My daughter'??s fave is the strawberry, but the acai is also quite yummy.

And who couldn'??t use a little help when head back to class, known in our house as the Germ Kingdom. The Immune Plus Fruit Chews come in delicious citrus and pomegranate-blueberry flavors and deliver a big punch of Vitamins C and D, Zinc, Selenium and a remarkable super-nutrient called Wellmune. Yes, we'??ll be popping these daily as we start to get into the seasons of runny noses and hacking coughs. The Supplement Fruits Chews ($22.95/box of 60 chews) and are available at and amazon.

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