Where Have Your Legs Taken You? Get Fit this Summer

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This year I've been pushing my fitness goals. Now that I'm over 40, I've got to work harder than ever to stay fit. Since I still like all sorts of yummy foods and I don't really want to fast, I have to train to stay in shape. Working out can get a little dull without goals. So I set some big ones for myself.

I started with going for a personal best half marathon. I trained hard and got a 1:52 in the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Nope, I wasn't threatening the leaders. I was racing against myself. I trained all winter and on race day I had a few niggling injuries, but I went for it. It meant getting up at 6:15 on Sunday mornings before church for my long runs. That's the earliest I get up all week. I have kissed sleeping in goodbye so I can train AND spend enough time with my family.

PR running times for moms

Next up? I'm working on my triathlon times. Each summer I train for a sprint race (.5mile swim, 12mile bike, 3.1mile run) and this year I want to do it faster. I'm mapping my workouts and getting ready for lots of outdoor training. That means lots of bare legs. I'll be swimming in the lake, riding all over the place and running in super short shorts. I'm really working on my bike training this year. I even bought those crazy clip in shoes (yes, I fell over about 100 times trying to get used to them). The shoes have made me more efficient, and I can feel my biking getting stronger. The reward is eating whatever I want and feeling great in all my summer clothes. Sure, the legs are strong, but I also want to get them looking their best. I've got to feel confident that my legs look good.

I took Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Sprays Away No Touch Spray into my testing labs (that would be my bathroom. I have always found my knees and backs of knees to be very tricky to shave. This is the one spot where I get nicks or miss huge swathes of hair. This spray is an awesome solution. The spray clings to your skin so the product can activate. I left it on for 5 minutes (didn't work that well), then I tried 10 minutes. Worked!

The smell is much more subtle that the Nair I remember, but the best part is that I had silky skin. My fit, string legs are ready for the road, or pool as I continue my summer training.

Where are your legs taking you this summer? Do you have fitness goals set into place. Let me know and let's help each other!

And let's not forget about the rewards: a strong body and a healthy attitude!

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