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Most likely you are familiar with (RED) from the GAP campaign in 2006. Those (RED) shirts that read "inspi(red)" and "of the sun" donned by celebrities were not only a stylish t-shirt, but the beginning of a movement to use a portion of the profits of consumer products to help those in need.
Today, the campaign has greatly expanded as (RED) now sponsors concerts called (RED) nights, produced a documentary directed by Lance Bangs and Executive Produced by Spike Jones called "the Lazarus Effect" and is responsible for donating $150 million dollars to Africa. This money is passed along to The Global Fund - a financier of programs - to provide medication for AIDS, Tuberculious and Maliria in Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambiao.

Not only is GAP still involved, but new partners like DELL, Apple, Starbucks, Penguin Books and the fantastic Bugaboo stroller donate up to 50% of their profits to (RED). What is so simple about the (RED) concept is that these are products are items that buy all of the time, so by purchasing a companies (RED) line we become conscious consumers and do our part to helping this very important cause.

I recently had the pleasure to attend the (RED) holiday preview event at the Ace Hotel in NYC. Not only was I inspi(red) by the amazing cause, but I got a look at the Bugaboo Cameleon, an 'elite' stroller for the ultimate in style and comfort for your little one and the Bugaboo Bee (stay tuned for a Momtrends Giveaway!), a foldalble and sleek stroller for a busy mom on the go -- both of whose colors are customizable and one percent of their profits go to (RED) and the Global Fund.

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But of course, us moms aren't just about strollers and thanks to the (RED) holiday products we can treat ourselves to a product (RED) iPod, a new Dell with your choice of custom artwork or a pair of Emporio Armani sunglasses (40% of their profits go to RED). What (RED) product will you buy this holiday season?

Are you inspi(red)? To learn more about (RED), visit: http://www.joinred.com/

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