How's everyone surviving after losing an hour of sleep? I'm still a little bitter, but onward and upward ladies. Spring ahead we must! We had a ski race this weekend--yep, that meant no sleeping late for the Momtrends family. We were up and at 'em at 6am both mornings...which is really 5am with Daylight Savings.

So the kids were a little cranky (fixed with mom's special chocolate chip pancakes and an afternoon post-race nap in the car). But what about mom. I might look like I've got superpowers, but alas I don't. I look for a boost wherever I can get it. That's where V8 comes in--V8 V-Fusion® + Energy is a healthier alternative to most energy drinks on the market today and are made with ingredients that people know and trust.

Mondays are always a little rough. But working with one fewer hour of rest. Brutal.


Here's my game plan to batter DST and make Monday a little brighter:

Positive thoughts can work wonders.I try to put good energy out there in the universe by sharing inspiring quotes on social media--I believe but putting forth good energy it comes right back at you. Positive thoughts can work wonders.

Get in a workout. Endorphins are your friend. Plan and execute your workout Monday morning. It's the best way to supercharge your morning and feel productive all day long. I make a date with a girlfriend to play squash. We get in a great sweat and catch up on the kids at the same time.

Give yourself an afternoon boost. I try to eat meat-free on Monday to pay for any sins of the weekend. I'll whip up a large salad on Monday for lunch. But right around 2pm I start to feel drowzy. You might remember that a decade ago I kicked the soda habit. So that's not an option, and afternoon coffee doesn't appeal to me. For my energy boost I pick a yummy V8 V-Fusion® + Energy. It’s powered naturally by green tea (which I love), so I get energy AND a serving of vegetables and fruit. #winning.

V8 V-Fusion® + Energy fits in with my lifestyle choices--it's made with real juice! The green tea provides 80 milligrams of caffeine, comparable to the leading energy drink on the market and a regular cup of coffee. Oh, one more thing...there's only 50 calories.


Pick from seven great-tasting flavors including Black Cherry (NEW), 100% Vegetable Juice (NEW), Peach Mango, Orange Pineapple, Pomegranate Blueberry, Diet Cranberry Raspberry and Diet Strawberry Lemonade. Find out more here: or stock up today at

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