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Ramona and Beezus - The Ultimate Family Movie Hits Theaters July 23rd

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Oh, Ramona!Ramona, the beloved story of the rambunctious, adventurous grade schooler and sometimes pest to her sister, Beezus has finally made it to the big screen in Ramona and Beezus (in theatres July 23rd) for a peek visit And we got a sneak peek along with a chance to talk with the stars.

The cast includes the adorable Joey King as Ramona and teen queen Selena Gomez as Beezus, the movie takes themes from several of Cleary'??s beloved books ('??Ramona'??s World,'? "Ramona and her Mother," '??Ramona and her Father'? and '??Ramona Quimby, age 8'?) as we are invited into the world of Ramona'??s; complete with boundless imagination, unflappable energy and accident-prone antics. Ramona's sense of fun comes doesn'??t fall short on the big screen '?? delivering a positive message of family and togetherness that is timeless and comes through beautifully in this long-awaited screen version.

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Bridget Moynahan helms the role as Dorothy Quimby and John Corbett takes the role of Robert Quimby. Ginnfer Goodwin (Aunt Bea) and Josh Duhamel also star as her old high school boyfriend Hobart, along with an appearance by the ever-entertaining Sandra Oh has Ramona'??s teacher, Mrs. Meacham.

The movie revolves around Ramona and her family, and although she tries to do her very best accidents are never behind. She has a lemonade stands that ends in an embarrassing incident for sister Beezus, a car wash that causes paint to splatter all over Hobart'??s car and an egg that she accidentally cracks an egg over head, which of course happens during picture day (dad showed her how in an earlier scene '?? however, it was hard boiled!).

The film version is not only full of antics, but as a real heart that address modern day issues (lose of job, mortgage issues, mom goes back to work, dad stays home and eventually the possibility of a move). Although seemingly current, Cleary wrote these books over 50 years ago, but always intended for them to be timeless and seem as if they were written for every generation (and every child). This timelessness is apparent in Allen'??s version. In a recent press conference for the movie, Allen stated that she made a decision '??not to have the girls in trendy clothes, or use cars that were as nondescript as possible.'?

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At the press conference, mom and actress, Bridget Moynahan spoke of how important family is to her (she is a mom to toddler John Edward Thomas Moynahan). She also went on to discuss the film and its message, '??I read the books as a girl with my friends, so I knew it would be a fun role to tackle. When I re-read the series, I was really attracted to the core message of family values and I was so happy to be a part of a film that stayed true to its message.'?

Moynahan also spoke about how being a mom helped her to understand the emotions and feelings involved in playing a mom on the big screen. In this role, she is juggling three children and returning to work after Robert (Corbett) lost his job. Moynahan stated that juggling was the norm in her life and that she is very lucky to have a great support system (family and friends). She also added, '??As a Mom, I learned very quickly how to be patient and how to multitask '?? in a lot of ways you don'??t have a choice. She added with a laugh, '??and having great help.'?

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get passes to a preview viewing.

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