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Giving back is fashionable and always in style. One of our favorite gifts for mom--glassybaby votives--now has a limited edition precious votive set($130; 10% of the proceeds to support support RBaby). With a week until Mother's Day we think these glorious celebrations of light and life are the perfect gift.

Why Rbaby? Why now?

FACT: 30,000 children will not make it to their first birthday.

FACT: Children make up 27% of all emergency department (ED) visits, but only 6% of EDs in the U.S. have the necessary supplies for pediatric emergencies.

R Baby Moms

This month we are teaming up with R Baby to held spread the word about pediatric emergency care. I'm lending my voice to the cause to support parents that have lost a child too early. R Baby's goal is to improve the care given to all infants, babies and children in our country during emergency situations. To learn more about the cause, please watch this short video.

Each day children are rushed to the emergency department (we know, we've been there) and sadly many hospitals are not equipped with training and equipment necessary to properly care for children. Co-Founders Home

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Phyllis and Andy Rabinowitz know this all too well. They lost their beautiful daughter Rebecca when the hospital system failed them.

The brave parents turned their loss into a lesson for all of us. They are on a mission to get hospitals the right medical tools and the correct skills to help save lives. Get educated and help spread the word. 

How else can you support RBaby? Follow them on all the available social media channels and spreading the word. On Twitter @rbabyfoundation and also follow facebook: www.facebook.com/RBabyFoundation

Find out more about Glassy Baby and their mission to help different causes here.

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