pumpkins, hay rides, CORN MAZES...oh my..


Pumpkin patches aren'??t just hay rides and picking pumpkins anymore. A lot of farms throughout the US have turned they corn fields into something everyone of all ages could enjoy! They have made huge corn mazes for you to try to figure your way out of. We say Halloween isn't the end of the fall fun, it's just the beginning.

From eye level you have no clue what part of the maze you are in but if you have your map with you, you could be anywhere from inside the tractor wheel to in a farms hat! I think that the people that design these mazes have a great time because they basically are drawing a picture with corn stalks.

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I took my almost 2 year old son to a maze during the day at one of our local farms and he absolutely loved it. He ran through it and giggled the whole time. He was having such a blast and using problem solving skills at the same time! Going during the day was best for the litter ones because I think at night it can get a little scary. We love these photos from Sunrise Farm in MD--but just about every state has a maze to be puzzled with.

Some places even make it haunted at night for adults and older children. You never know what is around the bend as you are trying to find your exit. It's very exciting and you are a little jumpy at times but it makes for great fall fun with friends and family. You can even get into to teams and see who gets out first!! At the end grab hot chocolate or apple cider and enjoy the fall crisp air! We would definitely recommend going this fall even after Halloween! You can learn more about the art of corn mazes at


and find a maze near you!

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