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Pumpkin Carving Tips

pumpkin carving tips

While we may be well beyond the diaper stage of parenting we still keep Huggies Natural Care® Wipes. They clean up messes in a flash. Yesterday we took on the annual tradition of carving the Halloween pumpkins. And I've got a few tips to share!

Step by Step Guide to Successful Pumpkin Carving


The right space: you want to get a nice wide open space to work with. We used our deck outside.
Set down a mat. Pumpkins have a lot of guts. They are slimy. No one wants that on the floor, so we use an old "splat mat" we used to put this mat under the highchair and then saved it for messy art projects, now it comes out every halloween. After we do the carving, we shake the excess guts into the compost.
Assembly your supplies. You'll want a pen and sketch paper, an ice cream scoop (trust me nothing get the guts out like an ice cream scoop), a few pens, a sharp carving knife and then your battery operated candles for illumination. TIP: Don't forget the Huggies Natural Care Wipes for cleaning up hands!
Sketch it! We have the girls work up inspirational drawings on paper before we begin. Then we use a pen to transfer the drawing to the pumpkin.

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pumpkin carving tips, halloween pumkins

Pumpkin Carving Process
Carving: Make sure to sharpen your knife before you start. I like the precision of a steak knife. Use what feels good in your hands and WATCH YOUR FINGERS!
Carve the lid: Use s zig-zag pattern to carve the open. If you use a circle the lid will fall in once the pumpkin starts to shrink (it happens as they age).
Scoop the guts: Heres' where the ice cream scooper comes in handy!
Carve the face: Trace along the lines and work methodically. It often takes going over an ares 2-3 times before the pumpkin is loose enough to pop out an eye.
Clean up: Inevitably there will be stray pen marks on your creation. TIP: Did you know Huggies Natural Care Wipes work great on removing ink from pumpkin flesh.
Clean up part two: Get all the goo off your hands with Huggies Natural Care Wipes.
Light it up: Place the battery operated candle in the pumpkin and celebrate Halloween!

carved halloween pumpkins

We love this tradition--the girls get such a kick out of the faces that emerge from their sketches. I am thrilled to add Huggies Natural Care Wipes to the tradition. Nothing compare to the cushiony thickness of Huggies AND no one complains about clean-up!

Go ahead and keep refilling those tubs even after your kids get bigger. There's always another fun mess on the horizon that a Huggies wipe will tackle perfectly. Click to get more details on Huggies Natural Care® Baby Wipes

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and photos are ours.

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