Pumpkin Carving Alternatives

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Pumpkin carving can be tricky (we are sure there are many emergency room visits). So we've put together a list of non-carving resources for the parents out there who have no business taking a sharp object to a defenseless gourd. First, we love the ideas at Deco Artthese hand-painted pumpkins are awesome. We suggest you buy a bunch--let the kids go nuts and then tap into your inner designer.

Every kid loves to decoupage--colorful paper plus glue? Oh yeah, that's a night's worth of cheap entertainment. FamilyFun.com gives you the run down on how to create your own decoupage-pumpkins it looks easy to us!

For spookier/easier options we found a ton of ideas from the Pumpkin Masters. '??Follow You'? Eyes: are glow-in-the-dark eyes. Attach to your pumpkin add a Sharpiesmile and then call it a day. The eyes supposedly watch your every move! They also offer the Kids Punch Out Kit: A safe and mess-free way to get youngsters excited about decorating! Kids can punch out designs without getting a knife involved.

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If you are really stuck for time and creative energy. We suggest grabbing some stickers or a Kids Pumpkin Sticker Kit:Mix and match color stickers to create an endless variety of silly and scary faces. Little kids (think 3 and under) can even participate.

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