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Protect Your Tech with APC by Schneider Electric

hurrican sandy in DUMBO

#NoWifi makes me very, very sad. As a small business owner and a mom, I've got to stay connected. But Mother Nature often has other plans. She sends storms our way like Hurricane Sandy that knocked out our Brooklyn Neighborhood for weeks. I'm not one to call names so rather than fume at the winds, I believe in taking action.

Big picture: the devastation was massive as families lost homes and loved ones. In the small business world the devastation was huge. Lost emails and communications meant missing deals and income that never returned. If you are disconnected in this world, you just can't compete. What we need is a back-up system to keep the businesses live and give us a way to stay connected to our families and friends who are worrying about us.


After a few far too chilly and dark nights in at our house in CT, we got sick of losing power and purchased a back-up generator. When the winds blow and the boughs break, we're prepared. The heat, microwave and hot water heater are all linked up and keep us warm all winter long. When it comes to tech, we've been out of luck. If the WiFi is down like what we experienced during SANDY, the generator can't power it. That was until now.

APC Back-UPS Connect allows me to stay connected to the internet even when power lines go down (and they go down at least 2x a month in rural CT where we spend weekends skiing). Here's why we're hooked up with APC for all the unpredictable weather.

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What is it? APC Back-UPS Connect is a network battery backup with USB charging ports. This means you hook up your router to the APC by Schneider Electric unit to stay connected with the outside. world. I bet 90% of Brooklyn wishes they had this back when Sandy hit us.

Here are a few more specifics: The surge protection protects your devices from surges and spikes in power. So your fancy-schmancy iPhone 6 won't get fried if lighting strikes (I don't think Apple covers that!). You can hook up two things to the convenient USB ports to recharge your must-have mobile devices.

APC power

The device powers-up quickly so you'll be ready for the next outage. And to make you feel even safer, there's a 3-year warranty with a $75,000 lifetime equipment protection policy. It's the perfect gift to give alongside all those new tablets, iPhones and computers. Pair this with any technology on the wish list and you'll have a happy and productive family. We love this idea so much we included it in this year's Ultimate Gift Guide. As you prepare to shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals don't forget to protect your tech!


When you give new tablets, phones and other gadgets this holiday, be sure to include the APC Back-UPS Connect. Shop on Amazon here.

This post is sponsored by Schneider Electric. All opinions are my own. Hurricane Sandy photos are copyrighted to Momtrends LLC.

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