Preschooler Casting Call

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An award-winning production company based in NYC is producing a new TV project for a big cable network about the lives of young children. The series will attempt to see the world from a preschooler's perspective and to harness the "inherent wonder, drama and comedy that is part of child's life."

The producers are looking for:

  1. Boys and girls ages 3-5, all ethnicities
  2. Good energy, charisma, able to follow directions
  3. TV experience is great bu not necessary
  4. Parents and siblings must participate in filming
  5. Must reside in NYC

If you think your kid is right for this series here's what to do:


A picture

Your child's age, DOB


contact information

Brief description on why you think your child would be right for this series

deadline Tuesday, August 20th, 2010

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