PreSchool Transition Tips

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Sending your toddler off to pre-school is a tremendous milestone. As mothers of first timers, we are all in the same boat on the first day--sending our kids out into the world sans Mommy. Guest Blogger, Tobi Spino has some  pre-school prep tips to prepare mom and child for the big day:

'?¢ Try and integrate some separation books into your rotation. Llama Llama Misses Mama is all about little llama'??s first day of school. It deals with his anxiety and feelings of his mamma leaving him there. Of course at the end Mamma Llama comes back and little llama learns he loves school and his mama.

'?¢ Just as you grew excited about new school clothes and gadgets, prep your tyke by including items in his back to school gear that he will be intrigued and excited by: a cool back pack with his favorite characters, or animals. Animal backpacks, a cool thermos or sippy cup or a cool retro Sesame Street T-Shirt ($14) can go a long way towards building excitement. (For more or our picks go here)

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'?¢ Make it a point of driving to/by their school and if possible park, walk around the grounds or area and show them the school. Point out some cool landmarks and some fun things on the grounds. It will help get them excited for school and feel comfortable that you know where they are going, and of course where to pick them up.

'?¢ Devise a mantra that your child gets familiar with and comfortable with when you leave them with a sitter or grandparent. Ours is '??Mommy'??s always coming back!'? My son depending on his mood will repeat it on and off when I am out running errands or working. But knowing that, and my showing him that I do always come back, has made separation a lot easier for him.

At the end of the day, these transitions will be different for each one, but remember, they all come around. Whether they leap into their new chapter with unbound ambition and wide-eyed wonderment, or hesitate and stay back, not sure to make of this new daily activity, they all end up making the adjustment in their own time.

Tobi Spino is a NY based mom of 2, columnist, and fashionista who has recently made the leap from Urbia to Suburbia. You can learn more about Tobi , her columns and her meanderings on her website:

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