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Preparing for the First Hug

My family has always been big on hugs. I have two younger brothers, and since one of them is ten years younger than me, he saw me as a mini-mommy. My daughters know that I have always called him my first baby. I protected him, snuggled with him, put him to sleep, sang to him, fed him bottles, changed his diapers and most definitely hugged him a LOT. I will never forget sitting at our kitchen table in 1987 with our babysitter and getting a call from my dad that Major had been born. My brother John and I visited the hospital the next day and while John was busy figuring out how to control my mom’s hospital bed up and down, I held Major in a hug that I remember like it was yesterday. Not only did I hug Major constantly, but as a ten year old, I was incredibly proud to learn how to change his diapers. Since he was a boy, I learned how to “hug” his little body in diapers very quickly so that I didn’t get squirted in the face.

Feeding Baby Brother

Twenty-three years after the birth of Major, I had a child of my own. A little girl named Eva made me a mother. I was so strongly flooded with memories of hugging Major that for the first couple of weeks I sometimes called her Major! As I swaddled and unswaddled Eva to change her diapers and wrapped her in Huggies, I was again reminded of my days of changing diapers as a big sister. The power of hugging in my family has always been really special and to be able to experience it with a daughter of my own was truly a dream come true.

Kissing and hugging Baby

When my second daughter Lily was born two years later, I was excited to know that these two girls would have the special sibling bond that I share with my two brothers to this day. To us, the power of a hug represents not only our love for one another, but shows our support and strength for each other, in good times and bad. We all live in different parts of the country, but manage to visit each other quite often. Each time we are reunited, a strong hug is certainly our first order of business.

Big sister hugging pregnant belly

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Now that Eva and Lily are six and four, our whole family is ecstatic that we will have a new baby in our family. We are preparing in the only ways we know how. The girls sing to him constantly, kiss him through my belly and hug him every single morning and before bed at night. There is daily excitement as we count down the days until we “get a new baby.”

Sister hugging Huggies

Since there is a four year gap between now and when I last had a baby, I am spending an incredible amount of time educating myself on all the new developments in the world of baby products. But it is a lifesaver to know that I can still use Huggies, the brand I trust so much, on our new little guy this fall. Huggies are inspired by something that is so important in our family – the power of a hug.

Big sister hugging Huggies 2

Lily asked me the other day if our new baby will be born naked or will he already have a diaper to protect him. After I stopped laughing (to myself!) I thought how lucky I was to use Huggies with both of my girls. Huggies are incredibly effective at keeping skin snug, dry and protected. I can’t wait to use Huggies again because they provide my baby with the best skincare.

Huggies® believes deeply in the Power of Hugs. The simple, loving act is proven to support babies’ emotional and physiological well-being. Huggies® diapers and wipes are inspired by a parent’s hug, – to nurture baby with care, cradle baby in comfort and surround baby in protection. Make sure you embrace baby’s bottom with Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers to deliver our best skin care to help keep baby’s skin clean and healthy. Learn more at #HuggiesCouncil

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