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I wandered into the Soho Pylones shop a few weeks ago killing a bit of time before a massage appt. (the best pre-natal massage in NYC--Maternal Massage & More). Before I new it, I had gathered a full basket of gift items. The colorful wares in Pylones are simply irresistible.

Babysitter, best friends, nephew, niece...there's something for everyone in this shop and the online ordering is a snap. Here are two of my favorite gifts:

Ladybug Mouse and Mouse Pad: The black and red ladybug mouse scoots over her "garden" mouse pad as you work away on your computer. Ideal for a tough-to-shop-for tween or anyone else with a playful spirit and a love of nature. ($35)

Nail Care for the Irascible: Alas, little people really don't get the glamor of a manicure. In fact, trimming and cleaning nails can be a scream-fest for many parents. That's why I recommend an adorable nail care duo from Pylones. First, there's the bug nail clipper. Beetles, crickets and other critters are fashioned into nail clippers making trim time a game not a chore. ($17) For post-sandbox finger cleanup invest in a kitty nail brush. This is one way-cool cat. He looks like he's got a mohawk and he's sticking his tongue out--little boys will love it! Pick from an assortment of funky colors. ($11)

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