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Fans of Pinkalicious will be happy to know there is a new book in the works. Though it won't be here for the holidays, you can expect Silverlicious in bookstores for Valentine's Day 2011. We caught up with Victoria Kahn one of the creators of Pinkalicious and talked little girls, books and more at the Play Time Event.

Victoria is the mother of two girls (ages 9 and 11). She lived in Brooklyn for awhile, but now resides in the burbs. Books were always incredibly important to her family. So was the color pink. "My daughter's were pink addicts," reports Victoria. With her sister Elizabeth, they created a world of fantasy and joy centered around Pinkalicious--a girl after my own heart--tons of spunk and a big heart.

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I asked Victoria if she's been surprised at her success. After all now she's got three books (plus the I Can Read series) a musical, a full line of toys and even a line of cupcakes that have spawned from her creation (for all the goodies head to "This is the most wonderful thing that could have happened," says Victoria, but she's not surprised. After all, she knows what little girls love. As she tells it these books are resonating with parents and kids because of the empowering stories and the lesson to love yourself for what you are.

Silverlicious will provide more sweet life lessons. Victoria tells me the art work takes and excruciatingly long tome to produce, "I spend forever making each outfit." We believe it and can't wait for the newest book to hit the shelves next year. For now, we'll be adding a few things to our holiday shopping list from the series such as...

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Pinkalicious 18" cloth doll ($38.69)

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Pinkalicious Glitter Puzzle 60-Piece - Pinkalicious with Her Notebook ($4.99)

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