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It's time to shop Father's Day cards. That's my dad. Pretty cute isn't he. This photo was taken in Italy two summers ago. In Italy. It's remarkable because I come from a line of homebodies. We mostly take road trips involving station wagons. European vacations were not our norm. Think Hershey Park and Six Flags. My parents were always striving to give my brother and I the best education which meant they worked hard 12 months of the year to pay tuition bills for private school. We never took elaborate vacations. But my father always appreciated European culture--we ate food inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and listened to Pavarotti. Though we were in Maryland, my dad was the one who introduced me to the great painters of the world and gave me architecture 101.

With a little success, my husband and I have able to make travel a big part of our lives. One of our greatest joys is sharing travel with those we love. Being able to take my dad to Italy was a moment. He'd never been there before and we were able to share the food, the architecture and the wine with him. I think we were both proud of what we had accomplished.

The trip was a big way to celebrate dad. But a grand gesture like this doesn't have to happen every year. Sometimes a great card is all you need. To celebrate all the fantastic moments with dad--big and is hosting a"Pin it for Papa" Pinterest Contest. The contest recognizing those special moments or activities that define you and your Dad. My dad was there for me to provide consistent love and guidance. This Father’s Day I encourage you to thank your Dad for being #1 and celebrate all of the good times you've spent together by entering the contest.

For me, travel reminds me of my father. When we were young out trips to Ocean City, MD or HIlton Head, SC were when he was most present and joyous. So giving him the gift of travel seems just right.

Join the Cardstore pinterest contest for a chance to win a $50 weekly prize or the $300 grand prize.


I just ordered my Father's Day card, it was easier than ever. I loaded a photo of my and my girls and Cardstore will do the rest--print, stamp and mail. You create the memories. They create the card. Head to to make your own card.

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