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Make your cards and invites stand out this holiday. With just a few click of my computer mouse, I turned a ho-hum stamp into a pretty little missive bearing my logo at www.pictureitpostage.com. This time of year it's easy to have your message get lost in all the bustle of the season.

Whether you want your holiday card to stick out or perhaps you're trying to get your business noticed--either way taking this extra little step will capture the attention of your audience.

All I had to do was upload and image and them personalize the color--all in a 5 minute endeavor. Each pack contains 20 stamps and the total price is $22.95 with shipping. I ordered and received my stamps within a week. Great service, speedy turnaround--just what the working mom needs.Yesterday I joined in a live chat with the incredibly successful entrepreneur, Barbara Corcoran. She shared a story that really resonated--when trying to share a message every detail counts.

Visit http://www.pictureitpostage.com/ to create your holiday stamps.

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Special offer: Use the coupon code MOTHERHOOD to get $4 off an order of custom stamps at www.pictureitpostage.com and your purchase will enter you to win a $500 cash prize. For rules and details head to www.themotherhood.com

This is a sponsored post. Momtrends was provided compensation by The Motherhood to facilitate this review.

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