Picking the Perfect Winter Boot

Picking the Perfect Winter Boot

I don't want to put you in a panic, but last night I went on H&M to order our winter coats and get this—a bunch of sizes were already SOLD OUT. When it comes to picking the perfect winter boot, you need to shop early to get the best sizes and selection.

I'm lucky, last year Bear Paw sent my family some great winter boots for our trip to Big Sky, Montana. Since we were wearing the boots in April (it was still snowing there), I didn't see much point in writing about them then, but now, we are close to Daylight Savings Time. The days are getting shorter and winter is coming.

Picking the Perfect Winter Boot

Picking the Perfect Winter Boot

I suggest starting a search before you let the kids see the computer or screen. Inevitably, when I shop online for my girls, they get focused on a pair that is either out of stock or not in the right size. I make it easy on myself by doing some pre-shopping and filling up the shopping cart. From there, they can make selections. Trust me, it's much easier this way.

Picking the Perfect Winter Boot

I picked the Quinevere. It's perfect for winter since it is super warm and waterproof. The quilted boot is protected by NeverWet® by Rust-Oleum® and rather than constantly re-lacing, my boot has an inside zipper for easy on and off convenience. I really didn't want boring black, so I'm thrilled with this Bordeaux color.

Cozy kids snow boots

For my daughter, I picked the Bethany. Yes, I know it's white. NO, I have no intention of her wearing these in the city. This is her snow boot. Last year she skied 80 days out the year (that's another story) I know she needs a sturdy boot and she also loves the style.

The Bethany boot is also waterproof. The leather boot is ideal for active kids, it's got a good grippy sole and is supportive. She loves the cozy sheepskin footbed and the adjustable bungee cord. She rarely has the time or inclination to slow down long enough to tie and untie her shoes.

How to Fit Your Winter Boots

Since my kiddos are still growing, I never get snug boots. But for me, I know I can "break them in a bit." Shoes made from natural materials will stretch.

If you are doing hiking and outdoor play, I recommend lace-up boots. I like to keep the boot tight for support and to keep the snow out. In Brooklyn, for boots that will get us from point A to point B while remaining warm and dry, I like slip on boots. They are easier to deal with and the laces won't get yucky when they are dragged through the gray snow of NYC.

Caring for your winter boots

Picking the Perfect Winter Boot #winter #snowboots

This Picking the Perfect Winter Boot is not a paid post. We did get samples for review.

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