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With all the beads in our house you would think we were hippies circa 1969. Although I dig Hair as much as the next groovy chick, that's just not our scene. We just happen to have an artsy craftsy child. This of course translates to having beads all over the place (read: the floor).

bead Collage

And now that we have a puppy, we have fewer beads. Why? Because she Hoovers them up and we find them a few hours later in what my husband lovingly calls "carnival confetti poop."

When I find something that makes free-falling beads a thing of the past, I do a dance. Well, consider me shakin' my groove thang.

The new Bead 'n Carry kit is pack-and-go perfection for kids who play with Perler bead projects. We were introduced to this craft last year (you know, the pop-the-beads-into-the-peg-board-then-iron-them-together thing). My daughter fell in love with the ability to make so many different things like coasters, picture frames, pendants, etc.. When we got a gallon container of mixed beads for Christmas, I was mortifiedthrilled.

Problem solved. Each Bead 'n Carry kit contains a desk-type work tray that fits a clear square pegboard that's also included. It comes with containers full of 1,200 Perler beads (it's actually capable of holding more than 2,000 in the eight wells, a double-sided pattern sheet for two projects, and the all-important ironing paper.

But here's the kicker: It has a lid and a handle. *insert crazy mom happy giggle here* If your kid is like ours, she starts a project then wants a snack/to go outside/to play with the dog/to go into another room/etc. What usually is an abandoned mess now is just a closed plastic tray with a handle that you can store easily until she'??s ready to resume. Read: fewer spilled beads.

Once we go through the 4,583,200 Perler beads we have, I plan on housing other beads in here. There nothing to say that we can't dump all her millions of jewelry beads into the wells for a great way to lug her fashion workshop back and forth to nana's house. The workspace would be a perfect way to keep her beads where they need to her hands and not in the dog's mouth.

The bottom line is this: we love beads, we hate cleanup. That is until now. You dig? Far out.

Perler's Bead 'n Carry kit retails for $21.99 and is available at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores and on

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