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Perfect Indoor Cycling Shoe

Perfect Indoor Cycling Shoe

Indoor cycling workouts are perfect for me. Whether it's Soul Cycle or Peloton, I know I can get a killer workout in just a short amount of time. It's not a mystery why so many working moms flock to these studios or buy in-home bikes. Now I've found a great accessory from Garneau and Reebok called the Actifly, it's the perfect indoor cycling shoe.

I've always hated using the shared shoes at the studios. There's just something gross about all the foot sweat that accumulates in those shoes. Yes, I know they clean them, but really, they are never THAT clean, are they?

It's about time I invested in my own shoe that can go into my indoor cycling bag and take to my favorite studios (I'm still on the fence about getting one for my home).

Perfect Indoor Cycling Shoe

When I heard that Reebok had a new show out, I definitely wanted to take it for a spin. Reebok teamed up with a cycling powerhouse. Actifly uses the latest technology from Garneau - a global leader in cycling design and products. What Reebok adds is comfort and breathability (we expect this from their running shoes). Together the two brands have designed a shoe that sees me through my workouts with support and style.

True to size (I wear an 8), the shoe is easy to slip on. I found the shoe supremely comfortable. NO blisters! Unlike the shoes I normally get from Soul Cycle, I found these to be MUCH MORE BREATHABLE.

One note: I did need to buy cycling shoe cleats when I was at Peloton. Cleats attach to your cycling shoes and allow you to clip-in to your Peloton bike. It was a little strange that the cleats ($12) didn't ship with the shoes. A very nice person from Peloton sold me the cleats and then installed them on my shoes.

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They have a moisture-wicking microfiber which prevents moisture build-up and keeps your feet from getting too hot. What about the stinky foot issue? The Actifly has synthetic leather and mesh with anti-bacterial and anti-odor treatments. Good news for your gym bag!

Reebok Actifly Review

Actifly in the Studio

These shoes are meant to be your work horses. If you cycle 5 days a week, they can be there to support you. My "road test" at Peloton was great. Once I had the cleats, they clipped right into the bike and I was off and cycling. They were super easy to clip off too.

"We believe there is a need in the market for a shoe designed specifically for indoor cycling,” said Kelli McKenna, Head of Reebok Licensing. “Partnering with a leader in the cycling space like Louis Garneau allowed us to create a lightweight and breathable shoe that combines features important to cyclists but also performance attributes expected by Reebok's fitness consumer."

As a mom, wife, and boss, I know the importance of making time for yourself. If you always come in last, everyone loses. Moms, make time for your workouts - if there was one common thread in many of my interviews with successful Mom Bosses, it was that they made exercise fit in SOMEHOW. Maybe a perfect indoor cycling shoe is the thing that will motivate you! Whatever it takes, make time for YOU!

Get the Actifly on Zappos here

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This Perfect Indoor Cycling Shoe review is not a sponsored post. I was given a sample to test at a cycling studio.

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